The Powerful Project began in November 2016, and evolved in vision over the course of a year (and is still evolving). The project was officially announced at the end of 2017, and is an ongoing series that will continue to grow so long as there are those in need of it.

The founder and photographer is Nadia Joyce Padzensky. Nadia plans to grow the project further over the next few years, with hopes of traveling worldwide to better represent the stories and experiences of women of many different cultures and backgrounds.

All stories are either written by the participant themselves, or written by the photographer after extensive interviews with, and reviews by, the participant. The intention is for all written pieces to truly represent the voice and story of the participant, as they would tell it themselves.

Every piece includes a story of vulnerability and a story of strength. For some pieces, these stories are one in the same. For those where the vulnerability and strength elements are represented in separate writings, you’ll find the two texts separated by an asterisk (*).

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All images copyright Nadia Padzensky 2017-2020. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited. Do not reproduce or distribute any image without express written consent from the photographer.